Currently planned 2020 monthly events.
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Fast Data Architecture and Analytics

Discusses the defining architectural characteristics needed for data ingestion and processing to perform meaningful analytics that leads to timely insights that drive critical decision-making.


How Analytics and AI Are Changing Manufacturing, Finance, and Healthcare 

Provides an overview of the challenges, application areas, and benefits of using modern analytics and AI in manufacturing, finance, and healthcare.


Deep Dive into Predictive Analytics

Explores how predictive analytics lets businesses expand the core use cases for analytics — from identifying trends and root causes in historical data to real-time decision support and forecasting future outcomes.


Skills and Tools for Data Science and AI Professionals 

Discusses the leading programming languages; open-source and commercial libraries, algorithms, and platforms; and skillsets businesses need today to carry out successful data analytics and AI projects and initiatives.


Keeping Pace with Developments in Edge and IoT

Explores the rapid changes happening with edge computing and IoT.  This includes the expected availability of new connectivity services like 5G, new compute options including edge cloud services and embedded high-performance computing solutions, and the use of real-time analytics and AI to fully utilize IoT data.


Panel: Practical AI Implementations for Today

Examines methodologies, architectures, and best practices to modernize data analytics and embed artificial intelligence into business processes throughout an organization.

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